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Eyebrow Tattoos

At Belle Cherie, we specialise in eyebrow tattooing and are known for our exceptional ability to create natural-looking, perfectly shaped, and long-lasting brows.

Eyebrow tattooing or permanent makeup (PMU), has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Advancements in techniques and pigments have allowed for more precise and natural-looking results. Clients can choose from microblading, powder brows, and combination techniques. 

At Belle Cherie we are blessed with a team of highly skilled and experienced artists, we are committed to tailoring each procedure to our client's unique facial features and preferences. 

Our mission is to empower and highlight the natural beauty of all of our clients with unwavering adherence to the highest of hygiene protocols. We employ only high-quality pigments and equipment, ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients.  

To get started book an $99 initial consultation, which includes a Brow Design + Tint, the price of the consult can be redeemed when booking a brow tattoo.

Ombre Brows

Belle Cherie Treatments Eyebrow Tattoo styles

Eyebrow Tattoos Feather Touch Brows

Feather Touch Brows, also known as Microblading is a highly sought-after technique for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows. It involves using a handheld tool with fine needles to create hair-like strokes that blend seamlessly with natural brow hairs. 

This method is perfect for individuals who want to fill in sparse or uneven brows while achieving a symmetrical shape with low maintenance. The best part is that feather touch tattooing offers customisation that adapts to each client's natural hair growth pattern, skin tone, and hair colour. In the hands of our skilled artists, it can provide long-lasting results for up to two years, making it an affordable alternative to daily makeup routines. It's no wonder that this technique has transformed the beauty industry.

Eyebrow Tattoos Powder/Ombre Brows

Powder/Ombre Brows uses a PMU machine to create a gradient effect on the eyebrows, simulating the subtle transition of colour from root to tip of natural brow hairs. Unlike nano brows or microblading, the needle used in powder brow tattooing penetrates the skin at a shallower depth, creating tiny dots on the skin that eventually blend.

An advantage of powder brow tattooing is its ability to create a softer, more natural-looking eyebrow. The powder brow technique also provides a safer alternative, reducing the risks of uncontrolled bleeding or scarring on the treated area.

Eyebrow Tattoos Combination Brows

Combination brow tattooing, also known as "combo brows", has emerged in the world of PMU as a rising trend that offers hyper-realistic and natural-looking eyebrows. This innovative technique creatively incorporates both nano brows and microblading techniques. 

The method combines the single, fine needle of nano brows with the multiple fine needle characteristics of microblading. This allows for the creation of hair strokes with microblading and the filling in of the brow with pigment using the nano brow tattoo machine. This synergy provides clients with the best of both worlds - bold, defined eyebrows that still appear organic and natural.

Eyebrow Tattoos Nano Brows

Nano brows is a new technique in the world of permanent makeup. Using a tattoo machine with a fine needle, the pigment is carefully infused into the brow area, replicating the appearance of natural hairs. In contrast to microblading, Nano Brows are more efficient and safer, reducing the risk of bleeding or scarring.

Achieving deeper pigment implantation, the outcome is longer-lasting and unlikely to smudge or fade. The wide range of pigments and advanced technology in nano brows allows for precise customisation, catering to various preferences. Opting for a nano brow procedure using a tattoo machine is a safer, more efficient, and long-lasting alternative to microblading, providing clients with a plethora of eyebrow styles.

Eyebrow Tattoos Frequently Asked Questions

Belle Cherie Treatments Pre and Post-Treatment Guidelines

Eyebrow Tattoos Pre-Treatment

Before booking, you should know that we will only carry out work that we feel is appropriate. We can only work with clients whose expectations we can manage, and we want you to understand the process and the expected results before getting started.

It's crucial to understand that some skin types may not hold the crispness of a hair stroke and may require more touch-ups.

We want the best outcomes for our clients and will only undertake work we know you will love, so if you have questions, give us a call, or book a consultation to have a chat.

Eyebrow Tattoos Post-Treatment

To protect the pigment used in Eyebrow Tattoos, it's essential to avoid:

  • Getting the treated area wet,
  • touching the treated area
  • Using soaps, creams, cleansers, or makeup
  • Facial treatments like eyebrow tinting, plucking, electrolysis
  • Taking hot baths, sunbathing, or Swimming
  • Using bleach or depilatory products


Are you ready to elevate your natural beauty with a unique touch of elegance that lasts? If so, then eyebrow tattooing, with its anti-aging effects and personal style enhancement, could be the perfect choice for you. Let Belle Cherie guide you through the remarkable journey of eyebrow transformation and discover a new you.

Contact us to book your consultation today, and let's get started on the path to your best brows ever! Remember, at Belle Cherie, we are not just changing brows; we are changing lives.

Let's change yours together.