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Permanent Cosmetic makeup can look amazing if it is done properly, unfortunately, it can be a terrible mistake if you don’t educate yourself on who is carrying out the procedures and it should never be based on “INEXPENSIVE PRICING.” There are a lot of untrained people offering substandard work. It causes upsetting experiences along with expenses to correct the client’s procedure.

We specialise in eyebrow tattooing corrections and there is so much more to it than meets the eye. We take a lot into consideration such as colour, shape lifestyle and much more. This is not an easy treatment and it is important to do your research when looking at correcting your eyebrows.

It is very important to understand that you may not get your ideal look in one session and we do need to work with what you currently have. We may not be able to perform the correction at all in which we may have to consider removal.

Belle Cherie Treatments


With the saline removal technique, the ink is pulled out of the skin into a scar that tumbles off versus with a laser where the ink is being absorbed by the body. Also, the way that with saline removal, treatment is being done with the use of saline otherwise known as salt and water, which is proven as safe by nature. This technique can also be used to lighten the brow tattooing before a correction.