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RF Fractional Micro Needling

RF Fractional Micro needling directly targets the collagen layer of the skin and is useful for collagen remodeling and tightening. This procedure is most often applied in a series of 5 treatments, with each treatment producing a noticeable improvement in the quality of the skin. The RF energy heats the underlying layers of skin, causing constriction and tightening of the skin, as well as the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Because the RF energy is delivered so deeply, it can produce faster results that are more dramatic.

RF Micro needling treatments boost the body’s natural collagen production, providing continued improvement in the area treated over the coming weeks resulting in smoother, clearer and more lifted skin on your face and body.

RF Fractional Micro Needling

Instructions Pre-Treatment

  • You will be asked to discontinue use of Retin A, Retinols, Vitamin A creams and other topic medications for 3-5 days before your micro needling treatment.
  • It is required that you wear a sunscreen daily and use the appropriate home care topical products.

Instructions Post-Treatment

  • No sunscreen OR makeup for 12 hours following treatment.
  • Wash the face a few hours after treatment or before bed time.
  • Gently massage the face with tepid water (a shower can provide an easier ability to massage the face while washing at the same time), and remove all serum and dried blood.
  • 12-72 hours post-treatment mineral makeup can be applied, but continue to use the aftercare instructed by your therapist
  • After 48 to 72 hours following treatment client can return to regular skin care regimen. Retinol products are strongly suggested to use for optimal results.
  • Avoid alcohol-based toners for 10-14 days as well as excessive sun exposure for 10 days.*

RF Fractional Micro Needling Frequently Asked Questions