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Have you ever considered brow tinting? In light of the multiple advantages of brow tinting, it has become a trendy practice. Fixing your brows every day is too difficult or time-consuming; thus, you can consider other semi-permanent options. Eyebrow tinting is a quick, easy, and economical solution to get natural-looking, attractive brows.

Eyebrow tintingEyebrow tinting is a procedure that includes colouring the hair on your brows to enhance, give a shape, and define them. Eyebrow tint helps you save time in the morning by enhancing your facial features and complementing your hair colour, among other things. It is a game changer for a lot of guys and women since the real hair of the brow is coloured to a dark tint, giving you fuller and natural-looking brows.

Typically, brow tinting lasts between four and six weeks. This might be longer or shorter depending on several factors, including whether you did it yourself at home or hired a professional, the type of eyebrow tinting materials used, how quickly your eyebrow hair grows, and how well you care for your new brows following the process.

Five Eyebrow Tinting Aftercare Tips To Keep Them Long-lasting

Here are some suggestions to help your brow tinting last longer.

Going to a professional is usually a smart option if you want long-lasting results. Unlike DIY eyebrow tinting kits, a professional can assist you in obtaining the greatest possible colour match and modifying a shade for natural-looking results. Furthermore, specialists often utilise higher-quality products than those available at your local drugstore. In other words, their tint is more likely to last longer than an at-home brow tinting hue.

Sun exposure can cause the colour to fade, so avoid the sun for at least the first few days following your tint. When you go outside, wear a broad hat and sunglasses. Remember to use lots of sunscreens as well since this will prevent your brow colour from fading. It’s also important to avoid swimming pools after getting coloured since chlorine in pool water increases the chance that the shade of your eyebrow tint will fade away.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which might hasten the removal of your brow colour. To avoid this, refrain from exfoliating for at least three days after having the tint. Also, try to keep exfoliating to a minimum. You may still exfoliate your face and neck; avoid the parts between your brows. In general, you should avoid any harsh skincare products that may reduce the duration of your brow tints, such as acids, scrubs, and strong makeup removers.

Beginners in brow tinting should start with dark vegetable colours rather than henna-based colours. Dark vegetable colours often stay longer than other dye forms and are safer than henna brow dyes, which have been linked to chemical burns.

Choose a mild serum to nurture your brow hair and prevent the colour from fading. The serum makes the colour stay longer and makes your brows seem exceptionally smooth and shiny. It can also be used as a brow gel. The only exception is that it also deeply moisturises your brows. Apply a tiny serum coating to your brows regularly for the best results.

Wrapping Up

The eyebrow tinting products are very popular and safe to use. Tinting your brows gives them a more natural appearance than brow pencils or cosmetic powders. Do you want fuller, customised brows? Don’t look any further! Belle Cherie is here to help. They provide their clients with the most advanced medical-grade aesthetics and beauty therapies for the face and body. Schedule an appointment now!